Depending on what outcomes you are after, we offer three formulas.

Our original formula is a mix of different prebiotics and probiotics with a delicious base feed element that horses love.

Our Elite formula is the same as our Original formula with added Essential Amino Acids. We reccommend this one for high level athletes at the top of their game and high level competitions like racing and endurance where the horse may need extra amino acids to build the proteins to repair after strenuous excersise.

Our Aloe Vera formula is a very special one! It combines our Original Formula with the benefits of added Aloe Vera. This product is designed to be a complete gut product.

Whch one?

Question: What is the dosage? and is it safe to use year-round?


The dosage is on the package, but its based on what the average weigh would be for a horse's height.

Ponies under 13hh ...1 scoop

Horses and ponies over 13hh and under 15.2hh...1.5 Scoops

Horses over 15.2hh...2 Scoops.

GT Performer is safe to use on horses year-round because of it's safe and all natural qualities.

What's the difference?

Concentrate vs Bucket

It's quite simple. The 1kg satchels are a concentrated version of our buckets. They last the same amount of time and are a heck of a lot easier to ship across the country.

Same ingredients...concentrated.


Are your products swabbable?

Our Original and Elite products, No!

Our Aloe product? We are always careful because certain amounts of Aloe may swab at extremely high levels of competition. The amount of Aloe we use is minimal and we have customers using it with no issues in those competitions, However, we always advise to check or to swap out to our original formula or our elite formula a few weeks before competition if you are concerned.