The story behind GT Performer

At our veterinary practice, we witnessed firsthand the transformative power of addressing hind gut issues in horses. It all began with our own horse, "Darren," who displayed a range of concerning symptoms such as a dull coat, intermittent misbehavior, weight shifting between his back legs, girth sensitivity, and overall discomfort. Despite our efforts to find a solution and manage his condition, including various remedies and scoping, we were left with inconclusive results. Tragically, we lost Darren shortly after the biggest show of his career, and it became clear that his hind gut ulceration, which the scope couldn't reach, played a significant role in his decline.

Driven by the lessons learned from Darren's experience, we started observing similar signs in horses we encountered around different events—dull coats, moodiness, and tail swishing. Curiosity led us to engage in conversations with their owners, revealing a startling revelation: hind gut issues, acidosis, and ulceration were far more prevalent than we had previously realized.

Motivated to make a difference and prevent others from enduring similar heartbreak, we embarked on a quest for effective products that could address hind gut issues. However, we found that existing options either provided short-term relief or carried potential side effects. We were determined to develop a safe, natural, year-round solution— and, importantly, a product proudly made in Australia.

Thus, GT Performer was born out of our unwavering commitment to providing horse owners with a reliable, long-term solution for hind gut health. Our passion for equine well-being drives us to continuously innovate and deliver products that can be trusted to support horses' digestive systems, naturally and effectively. We understand the value of a healthy hind gut in maintaining a horse's overall vitality, performance, and longevity.

As veterinarians, we stand by GT Performer's quality, efficacy, and dedication to helping horses thrive. We invite you to join us on this journey toward better equine health and witness the transformative impact of addressing hind gut issues with GT Performer. Together, let's ensure that horses receive the care they deserve, every step of the way.

Darren- It's all for you, little buddy!